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Boscastle update  21 June 2007

Boscastle has once again suffered  flood damage but we are glad to report that it is not has severe as the 2004 flood. Nevertheless several of the businesses in the centre of the lower village have been submerged yet again under 2-3 ft of muddy water.

We will keep you posted.


Boscastle update February 16/2007

On the 16th of August 2004, Boscastle suffered severe flood damage but we are glad to report that the majority of work on rebuilding has been completed. The Pixie House has been re-instated and the gift shops, restaurants and Pubs are all renewed, the only remaining regeneration, which involves the car park, will be completed soon.

Help Required

Does any body know of  Richard Sandercock
He was born 15-3-1854 in Boscastle and emigrated to South Australia later and married .

Any info will be greatly appreciated

please e-mail the webmaster if you can help.

24/05/2005 20:08:12

Boscastle update March 29/2005

Boscastle  shops are mostly now open and Easter has seen a tremendous number of sightseers.  As the car park is only about half functional, and still has some contractors vehicles in part of it, there has been a free park and ride from a field near the church over the Easter holiday. The work on the culvert under the Wellington Hotel is nearly finished. This was scheduled before the flood, but was delayed until after Christmas. It is a really big scheme and has taken about 3 months. Also other work on the Wellington Hotel has been delayed because of difficulties in getting vehicles there, but they hope to be open by June. Riverside hotel has scaffolding up but June is the target for them as well. Work is ongoing on building the wall around the Valency House garden and then the lawn will be reseeded, so the walk to the harbour will  be much pleasanter soon. There are still 3 building sites where the original Harbour Light, Things, and Clovelly clothing shops were demolished and nothing has been done there yet. The Harbour Light shop is relocated over the 2nd bridge and looks a much bigger area than before. The Witches museum is open and is much better and brighter than before( there was an open day there last week and I was surprised how well set out it is). Some of it is like going to Madame Tussauds! Manor house restaurant and garden is open opposite the car park  and the shops and cafe in the Old Mill, although they are taking the opportunity to redo the roof there so there is scaffolding there at present as well. Most of the walks are open including the walk from St Juliot Church to Boscastle and the path down Rocky Valley from the road, but the bridge over the river to Minster Church is waiting for new funding so will be done soon, hopefully. The stepping stones  have been done over the river.

Thanks to Jennifer Congdon for the above update.

Boscastle is well and truly back in business

Yes! its February 2005. How time flies.

Almost 6 months since the flooding occurred and already many of the businesses that were hit by the deluge in 2004 are now back on there feet, and much of the repair work to the damaged infrastructure is well underway. Admittedly there is some way to go before the harbour area resembles its old self, but all in all Boscastle is well on the mend.

The rugged harbour entrance at low tide.


The Boscastle flood occurred on Monday 16 August 2004 in the two villages of Boscastle and Crackington Haven in north Cornwall, England. Both villages suffered extensive damage after a flash flood caused by an extraordinary amount of rain that fell over the course of 5 hours that afternoon. The floods were the worst in local memory, and a study commissioned by the Environment Agency from HR Wallingford concluded that it was the worst known flood in the village, among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain. The peak flow was about 140 m3/s (tonnes), between 5:00pm and 6:00pm BST.

The torrential rain led to a 2 m (7 ft) rise in river levels in one hour. A 3 m (10 ft) wave ó believed to have been triggered by water pooling behind debris caught under a bridge, and then being suddenly released as the bridge collapsed ó surged down the main road. Water speed was in excess of 4 m/s (10 mph), more than sufficient to cause structural damage. It is estimated that 2 million tonnes (440 million gallons) of water flowed through Boscastle alone that day.
Approximately 75 cars, six buildings and several boats were washed into the sea; approximately 100 homes and businesses were destroyed; trees were uprooted and debris was scattered over a large area. In an operation lasting from mid-afternoon until 2:30 AM, a fleet of seven helicopters rescued about 150 people clinging to trees and the roofs of buildings and cars. No major injuries or loss of life were reported, however.

The last time Boscastle had suffered notable flooding was in 1996 as a result of Hurricane Lili, but earlier floods are recorded in 1847, 1957, 1958 and 1963. Fifty-two years earlier, to the day, Lynmouth, a small town some miles further east along the north coast in Devon near Exmoor, suffered extensive damage in a catastrophic flood, in which 34 people lost their lives.
The rainfall on the afternoon of 16 August 2004, was very heavy. 200.4 mm (8 inches) of rain fell over the high ground just inland from the village. At the peak of the downpour, at about 15:45 GMT, 24 mm of rain (almost one inch) was recorded as falling in just 15 minutes at Lesnewth, 2.5 miles (4 km) up the valley from Boscastle. In Boscastle itself, 89 mm (3.5 inches) of rain was recorded in 60 minutes. The rain was very localised: four of the nearest 10 rain gauges, all within a few miles of Boscastle, showed less than 3 mm of rain that day. The cause of the very heavy localised rain is thought to be an extreme example of what has become known as the Brown Willy effect. Most of the tourist attractions and shops are in the oldest parts of the town, in the areas most affected by the flood at the bottom of the river valleys. The visitor centre was half demolished, and the Museum of Witchcraft was also severely damaged. The ground floors of many buildings were covered with many inches of mud washed in by the flood waters. Following the rescues on 16 August 2004, emergency services cleared debris that had built up beneath and over the bridge at the centre of the village, and waters receded. Several buildings were demolished as a result of damage caused by the floods. Coincidentally, two BBC film-crews were recording separate series that involved the flood. One series, A Seaside Parish was following the life of the new local parish priest, the Revd Christine Musser, at the time of the flood, and records the events of 16 August and its aftermath in the following months. The other was Seaside Rescue, which followed various coastguard operations, including a helicopter from HM Osprey on the Isle of Portland which was involved in winching people out of flooded houses in Boscastle. Much of the damage has now been repaired. A temporary visitor's centre has opened in a Portakabin, and most of the businesses have reopened. The number of day visitors is running near to usual levels, although fewer people are staying overnight.

Courtesy of Wikepedia

Boscastle and North Cornwall Floods

Over £350,000 has been donated so far (January 2005) and trustees have distributed over half that amount.

The Trustees of the appeal fund invite applications as soon as possible from persons who have suffered loss as a result of the flooding disaster of 2004 in the North Cornwall District, including their families and dependants.

If you are in urgent need of help and wish for further information and an application form please contact the following:-

Miss S. Lloyd- Jones,
c/o North Cornwall District Council,
Higher Trenant Road,
PL27 6TW
Tel No: 01208 893259
Fax No: 01208 893255

Requests will be dealt with in confidence.

Issued by the Trustees of the North Cornwall Flood Appeal.


The Red Cross who administered the appeal when it was first set up have now handed over the fund to local trustees. The Flood Appeal account is now held at the National Westminster Bank, Camelford.

Sort Code: 52-10-47 Account Number: 17006848

Cheques should be made payable to the "North Cornwall Flood Appeal" and posted to:

National Westminster Bank

Albion House, 24 Market Place

Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9PF

Donations to the Flood Appeal can also be made by cash or cheque at any branch of the National Westminster Bank. You will need to give details of the account number and sort code and fill in a credit slip. Donations can also be made at local post offices.


Scam letter warning.

It has come to our attention that some sad individuals have taken this disaster as an opportunity to try and fleece money out of well wishers by distributing a letter nationally that asks for funds to be sent to a bank in Manchester.

The only official flood appeal account details are above.


Be assured that every single penny you send, will go directly to the disaster fund......and, on behalf of the residents of Boscastle and Crackington, we would like to thank you all for the warmth and generosity you have shown towards North Cornwall at this time. We also would like to thank you for your help towards funding the regeneration of these beautiful North Cornwall villages. . Your e-mails of support and your generous donations are much appreciated.

Thank you.

Below are some of the e-mail letters received at our local notices for Boscastle relating to the events on the 16th of August 2004.


Dear all
I was deeply saddened by the news of the floods at Boscastle on Monday. I had only just visited the village a week ago on the Monday whilst holidaying in Cornwall and felt instantly in love with the village, its museum and beautiful shops of gifts, crystals and other things. I am terribly gutted by the whole event and was wondering how at all I can help to rebuild this beautiful village back to its former glory!
Ana Gardner St Albans


Although I have only visited Boscastle once I found it a truly lovely place to be.
Hopefully one day in the near future it will resemble that village I remember again.
Best wishes


Been to Boscastle many, many times over the years. Got married at Trevigue, and had the blessing in church up at Forrabury.
Totally stunned to see what's happened, and sending you our prayers and best wishes through this difficult time.
Mark & Fiona


From up in the East Midlands our thoughts are with all the residents and businesses in Boscastle - itís truly devastating to see the carnage that nature has let loose in such a beautiful, peaceful and historic area.


 Having visited Cornwall on numerous occasions I can honestly say that for me the area has a special place in my heart and I cried when I saw what had happened on the TV. I only hope that something positive can come from this horror and Iím sure that at times like these the best of peoples nature and the strength and resilience of the local community will be shinning through. Itís just too sad for words.


My family were only down in Boscastle on Friday before the floods and were devastated to see what had happened to such a beautiful harbour and village. I cannot begin to understand what it has done to the infrastructure of Boscastle, but thank god no one was killed.


 I have not been able to visit Cornwall for many years but look forward to the day when I can return. I was stunned to see the dreadful floods and send good wishes to the residents of Boscastle and hope that one day their lives will return to some sort of normality.


 I grew up in Widemouth Bay and have so many fond memories of my visits to your beautiful village with my family. I was devastated to hear and see on our news, here in Western Australia, the tragic events the recent flood has left behind. I'm sure the proud residents of Boscastle will rally together to rebuild their lives and their village. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Liz Higgins (nee Hayter)


 A fortnight ago we detoured on our home journey to visit Boscastle having watched and enjoyed 'The Seaside Parish'. The programme didn't do justice to the majestic scenery. On that day, the tide was out, the boats were beached and all was tranquil. We were stunned last night to hear your devastating news and can only offer our prayers and best wishes to your community over this difficult time.


 Myself, my husband, son and our lovely friends stayed in Boscastle only last week. We are heartbroken to see what has happened and we wish the people of Boscastle all the very best with the future and feel sure our son will once again dance and sing in the Welly. We will return to your lovely village for it is not only buildings but people which make a place special.


My thoughts are with you in this troubled time, having experienced floods some years ago, though NOT of the category of yours, I can only send you my prayers and hope that you will rebuild in time.

J Haselup, Bruton, Somerset 


I could not believe my eyes when watching the news last night. Although it is a few years since my last visit, I have happy memories of Boscastle and tried to describe it's beauty to my husband of 3 weeks. I am still stunned this could have happened.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


My wife and I visited Boscastle 2 years ago. we were both struck by it's beauty and tranquillity. Walking around the coast we were mesmerised by the 'boom' of the sea as it entered the deep caves near the harbour.

Watching the devastation caused by the floods, we were upset and pray that the promises made by the government are kept and that the village can by brought back to it's former beauty.

Well done to the emergency services for their fast response which must have saved many lives.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Phil & Dawn Dunn



Having been subject to a flood in the past (But nothing like the one you have had) we would like you to know that our thoughts are with all of those involved, and a great thanks to the services who worked hard and long to assist at the time. Hope that you will receive all the help that Prescott said he would provide.

You will look back and smile hope that is soon.

Jon Sue Sophie & Emily Clark

North Lincolnshire


Myself and my girlfriend visited Boscastle last year, just for an afternoon but a deep impression was made by your village and how well it was kept and we promised ourselves we would return. We were struck with a sense of loss and great sadness at seeing the damage caused by the flood. We can at the moment count our blessings in that as yet it seems there has been no loss of life. Boscastle has been around a long time and we are sure Boscastle will arise again and the visitors will return. Some buildings will not be as original as they were and a scar here and there may remain to mark that darkest day, but we are sure your community spirit will be even stronger. It will show through when once again Boscastle is again the well kept village that makes visitors want to return. In this you will succeed!


I have visited Boscastle many times as a child and as an adult, and it is a truely magical and wonderful place. I look forward to my visits there and I will look forward to returning there again. I was fortunate enough to visit last August, and introduced some friends to Boscastle. They were also really enchanted by the lovely shops and houses and beautiful harbour.

 I especially love visiting the pottery shop and I have many items from there in my home. I was very upset that the Witch museum has probably gone. As a child I remember feeling very scared by the white door with the witch painted on it, but as an adult I visited a few times to look at the many interesting and somewhat bizarre objects, that I now fear are gone forever.

 It saddens me to think that such a beautiful place has been damaged so badly. My husband and I would love to contribute something to help those that have lost their homes and businesses. Is there going to be a Boscastle fund? 

I hope to visit again soon.

Warmest Wishes

 Laura Searle


How my heart has ached for you all
during this terrible time!  There are those
times in life when it takes more than just
faith to get through...it takes TOUGH FAITH!!!...smiles
    I live in an area near mountains, where
flash flooding is a constant, so I know exactly what you all are enduring, and
   My warmest thoughts and prayers have
very much been with Boscastle, and will
continue to be.  Hang in there.  And please know, many are pulling for you all.
Gwenne Allyn Hensel
Lexington, Kentucky


 on visiting last week your village .felt heartbroken for the people of boscastle and gave my support while visiting and will be wishing you the very best for you and send my love to all in the village and the people who will work hard to get it back to the wonderful place it was. from a well wisher from essex


 Dear all,
We come to Boscastle whenever we get the chance, four times this year so far and were so upset at the devastation of this beautiful place and knowing so many people there we felt we had to do something to help so in Sept we organised a sponsored walk along the coast path between Tintagel and Boscastle which raised £405 toward the fund, we would like to thank Mike & Carol Karnon of King Arthur's Bookshop in Tintagel for officiating the start and Mike Morrell and Keith Howlett of the coast guard institution for helping us with the officiating at the end. If anyone can let me know of an email address so as we can personally thank them it would be much appreciated. We wish everyone in Boscastle our very best wishes for the re-build and we will be back down again for the New Year.
Maddie & Eddie.


www.thisisnorthcornwall.com have given a total of £549.15 in donations to Reverend Christine Musser whom we are assured will see fair distribution. Thank you all very much.....

 Boscastle Flood August 16th 2004

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